Tandem: the predictive analytics platform
driving economic and social value
from emerging technologies


Emerging technologies, such as AI and Robotics, will bring opportunities and wealth to industries and communities worldwide. They will also automate some jobs, augment others and create many new roles.

Tandem shows how technological disruption will create value and affect your organisation, by applying world-leading R&D and our proprietary analytics to your own commercial and workforce data. Tandem's modelling, scenario and decision support tools help leaders drive significant commercial and human value, immediately and over time.

Cloud based SAAS platform

Secure fully encrypted AWS-cloud based platform, accessible from anywhere and on any device. Built on latest tech stack (e.g. node.js, react.js). Advanced machine learning based Tandem IP.

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Tandem Analytics Engine

The Tandem analytics engine integrates expert elicitation with machine learning to predict the impact of emerging technologies on the skills and roles of your organisation, industry or geography. These analytics are delivered via a SaaS product platform to underpin business model, operating model, strategy, policy and transformation programs and scenario planning.

Technology Attribution Model

Tandem defines how emerging technologies (Process AI, Social AI, Fixed Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Advanced Materials) will impact work over time, informed by expert panels, crowd-forecasting and applied data science. Tandem identifies technology driven opportunities and risks in your organisation.

Work Attribution Model

Tandem defines work mapped to the Standard Classification of Occupations and O*NET, and benchmarks 1000’s of organisations, analysing roles and skills to predict the likelihood and impact of automation over time.

Job Neighbourhood

Tandem clusters similar roles across your organisation, identifying skill gaps between high and low risk roles and analysing transition options. Tandem presents job corridors for employees to move through to future proof their skill sets, thereby reducing the human costs of automation and increasing productivity.



Watch Chris Bowen, the Australian Federal Shadow Treasurer, cite data and insights from Faethm's Tandem platform in a landmark speech on innovation and technology, Friday 5th May, 2017.

Australia unprepared for automation of its workforce

Australian Financial Review

July 31, 2017

Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy Ed Husic and Faethm CEO Michael Priddis argue that government and industry need to collaborate to deliver value and avoid the risks of automation.

Analytics platform Tandem to help plan for automation, job loss

The Australian

August 4, 2017

"As the prospect of mounting job losses from automation looms, one Australian company wants to prepare businesses for the future..."

Carolyn Colley, COO Faethm, talks to Sky News about the genesis of Faethm and the importance of Tandem on the future of work. Tuesday 22 August 2017

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